Online & Digital Services


HAN-Monitor250Responsive Website Design

Hersam Acorn has the ability to design web sites for clients. Our services include design, module selection and implementation and Content Management System training. We have the ability to have the web site pages function so they are easily repurposed for mobile format when the site detects a mobile device. If you are interested in our web site design services, please contact your account executive. We are also experts in designing mobile web sites. Price is based on the complexity of the site, the functional needs of the site, etc.

 Price Available Upon Request



A web site landing page is ideal for clients who do not need a full web site or who have a corporate web site but want a page online specific to their business location. Price is based on the complexity of the design/set-up and the number of updates to the page per year. The look and feel of the page can be changed and updated.

Price Available Upon Request

Mobile Website Designstu-leonard-mobile

Hersam Acorn is an expert at building a “mobile experience” for your business and we give our clients the ability to treat their customers to a fast an efficient web experience that is free from the frustration of trying to navigate a traditional website on a mobile phone.

The delivered version of your mobile site would be compatible with iPhone/iPad, Blackberry 5 and Android 2.2 devices. Hersam Acorn can host the site or have it packaged and moved to a hosting service of your choosing. (note: our prototypes are built/hosted on a development website – final sites are hosted on our secure hosting service which requires pre-registered IP access only to use the CMS). Go to for a demo on our mobile web design capabilities.

$1,050.00 2 page base completed site (one time fee)
+ $550.00/PAGE each additional page

Mobile Website LANDING PAGE

Hersam Acorn can also design mobile web site landing pages. The landing pages are hosted on our secure hosting service. Go to for a demo on our mobile web design capabilities. There is a monthly hosting fee.

$500 One time fee.
Updates to the landing page are additional.

Content Creation & Social Media Engagement


Hersam Acorn has the ability to create and manage social media accounts for clients. This service can include: account set-up, using our writers to create content for you and post regular updates/posts, photos, etc. to your site and then push that content through social channels via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and any other social platform you wish to use.

Price Available Upon Request

QR Codes

qrfree.kaywa.comIntegrate print, mobile and web using QR codes in your print promotions. The potential for these QR codes is limitless. These codes can direct the user to a branded mobile web site or they can deliver special offers, coupons and promotional messages.

Most importantly, these codes are trackable and we are able to see how many individuals scanned a specific QR Code and when. This trackability makes QR Codes a valuable response tracking mechanism for all marketing materials.

QR Codes are basically an image, just like any other graphic, and can be incorporated into all of your printed marketing materials including your business cards, signage, brochures and posters. The customer can then click on all manner of new and current information about your business. They can be changed at a moment’s notice making your marketing message always fresh and relevant.


Place a QR code in your print advertising with Hersam Acorn. The QR Code would either link to your web site or to a mobile web site (which Hersam Acorn can design and manage for an additional fee). Minimum three month commitment. The fee includes 2 QR codes (including analytics) with 2 promotion changes per month. If you would like more than 2 promotional changes a month, there is an additional charge.

$50.00 per month